The main export destination is Southeast Asia and other regions

When DaddyBaby and and E&D Group Corp converted their facilities to converting the raw supplies into masks, Zhongjing Petrochemical specialised while in the manufacture of “melt-blown material, a key component for masks, to fill a offer shortage”.

In a four-minute video titled “Behind the Masks”, the providers and individuals shared their experiences on forming “a complete offer chain for making masks, despite encountering issues like resource and devices shortages and tight deadlines”.

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“At the beginning from the pandemic, raw materials and gear were being in dire scarcity,” Lin Yanting, a maker of maternal and toddler merchandise, reported.

Talking on the quality, Jiang Feng, an attire manufacturer, stated the encounter masks have gained CE certification, and as such, they can be sold in any European Union state.

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“At present, there are many face masks exported from our port. The major destinations are South-East Asia, the US, Africa and European international locations which are hard hit because of the pandemic,” he added.

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As of July 3, 2020, a lot more than 11 million infections have been confirmed across the earth, out of which in excess of six million people have recovered, while over 500,000 deaths have already been recorded.

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